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“This is the worst meal ever!”

It was a beautiful Saturday. My boys were home with me and Lance and his girls had come over. I’m not a big cook, but every now and then I get the urge to prepare a big meal for those I love. This was one of those days. I planned carefully what I was going to make for dinner that evening, browsing through what seemed like hundreds of recipes, until I landed on “smothered chicken”. It looked so very good so I thought I’d try it. I also decided on mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. I made my grocery list and headed out. It was going to be great!

When I returned with the groceries, I began to cook. It took quite some time to make the meal because of several steps but it was so much fun. I had my music up and was cooking strong. Everyone else was outside working and playing. I was anticipating a nice meal around the table with lots of laughter and conversation. It is one of my very favorite things to do with those I love.

The meal finally complete, I called everyone inside to eat. We filled plates and dug in. No one said anything. I just reminded myself that I was not cooking for compliments and did not need them. I noticed my oldest son playing around with his food. It was obvious he didn’t like it much but I told him he needed to eat a certain amount before he could have homemade ice cream. He ate a few more bites, then blurted out “This is the worst meal ever!”

I was crushed. I had spent so much time planning and preparing and it was not appreciated. I fought back the tears and just told him that I was sorry he did not like it and that was a very rude thing to say. I let his statement completely ruin the meal and conversation for me. We concluded eating shortly after and I escaped to my room to try to regain my composure.

I held back the tears and tried to regain composure. Then I heard those words in my head again.

And I cried. It hurt me. It wounded my spirit.

Lance came to my room and as I’m blubbering my emotions to him, he calms me and lets me know that everything is ok. I can hear how out of control I am with my emotions and it takes me a while to reign them in. But I do.

After this incident, I am reminded of our Creator. He spent time planning and creating each one of us. He poured out His heart into our design and loved creating each one of us. He made each of us unique. How many times do we look at ourselves in the mirror and say “This is the worst body ever!” or “I am such a horrible person.” How does that make our Creator feel? I realize He’s perfect and does not let his emotions take control over Him as I do, but I can picture Him being sad. Sad that we do not realize the love that was poured out into our creation. Each part of our body, carefully woven with loving hands, was magnificently made. Every part of our personality, our talents, and our strengths were formed to compliment the body of Christ as a whole so that we could fulfill our life’s purpose.

I am reminded of how we should be thankful for the creation that we are, no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done in the past, and strive to now look to the future and reach the potential He created us to achieve. I am a beautiful person, inside and out, because of Christ. You are a beautiful person, inside and out, because of Christ.

Start today believing that. Start today putting the past behind you and looking forward to the future that awaits you. Start today by thanking God for the beauty He’s created in you.



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